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Powder Coating Overview

Powder coating is one of the most popular surface finishing techniques for a wide range of applications from Home and Garden, Motor vehicles and Motorcycles to Industrial, Medical and Marine.

The coating provides an extremely durable finish that is more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.

Powder coating is defined as the process of applying dry, powdered medium to a material such as aluminium, steel, iron and even glass to name a few.

Unlike liquid paint, which releases harmful solvents during the application process, powder coating does not make use of solvents and releases such a small amount, if any, which is beneficial for the environment.

Powder Coating Process

All parts are inspected and the correct procedure for that particular item is decided upon.

Mild steel and cast iron parts are cleaned for sandblasting or shotblasting as preparation for coating or it is placed in a liquid stripping solution if the parts are delicate or of aluminium manufacture.

Aluminium is not to be shotblasted as the steel shot embeds itself into the soft Aluminium and Sandblasting can only take place once the Aluminium is free of all paint or coating as this provides a resist which causes the open Aluminium to erode away during the sandblasting process.

Once the steel is shotblasted or sandblasted it must be processed within four hours as oxidation starts taking place. The items are jigged onto hooks or frames , the areas that are not to be coated are taped over and threaded areas are protected. The coating is in a powder form and is electrostatically applied using a machine specifically designed for this purpose.

Once the coating is applied it is carried to the oven . The timer and temperature is set accordingly and the products are cured for the correct duration and temperature. Upon completion the items are allowed to cool down naturally and they can be handled without further curing or drying times as required in the wet paint processes.

Aluminium, however, once sandblasted, is placed into a treatment bath for aluminium and it is allowed to dry before being put through the same powder application process as mild steel coatings.

Colours and Finishes

Powder coating offers an extensive choice in terms of colour, texture and effects.

The RAL system is a colour matching system in use for powder coating colour determination.

RAL is a system of colour matching administrated by a subsidiary of the German RAL Institute which is used predominantly for powder coating but may also be used to refer to plastic colouring.

As each paint medium can differ with regards to colour, it is vital to ensure an exact, or closest to match when selecting a colour equivalent. For instance, KTM orange is not directly an “orange” in powder coating. Colours are also subject to change once coatings such as clear or protective coat is added to a colour.

There are instances where more complex colours and effects are required, these include fantastic coatings such as “silver vein” or “textured surfaces”. Speak to us regarding the wide selection we have to offer you.

Care and Maintenance

Although powder coating is long lasting and durable, it will inevitably degrade over time. There are many reasons for the shortening of the coatings life such as:

  • Weather such as sun, rain, wind and cold weather.
  • Environmental factors such as salt water and pollution.
  • Differing materials such as dissimilar metals.
  • Electrical currents.

It is possible to lengthen the life of your coating by following some simple guidance which will reslt in reduced cost in the long run.

- Chemical Cleaners

Try and avoid these as they are known to damage the finish of the coating which results in the coating being much more vulnerable to staining and fading including complete failure of the coating itself.

- Scheduled Cleaning

Clean the coating when required and not at every opportunity.

Sand Blasting

Bead and Shot Blasting

Sand Blasting Overview

We offer bead and shot blasting for a variety of applications. These include visual effects for many materials such as stainless steel. This is quite popular for use on marketing materials including stainless steel thermos flasks etc.

Glass Decorating

Decorative Powder Coating and Sand Blasting Services

Glass Decorating Overview

We provide decorative powder coating and sandblasting services which includes commisioned artwork, decorative and security features for office and domestic use. View some of our glass decorating work here.

Why Choose Us?


We only use the highest quality powders such as Interpon from Akzo NOBEL and Vedoc from Ferro.


Our team skills, aquired over many years, includes material preparation, coating, baking and blasting such as bead and shot.


Our location is fantastic due to the easy access to both nothern and southern suburbs. We are not affected by the traffic chaos such as those in other locations.

About Us

Castellocote was established in 1981 and is well-known for the consistent quality and timely delivery of services it provides to clients.

Our honest and no quibble approach to the services we provide sets us apart from our competitors in such a clear manner that our customers trust us more than any other powder coating and glass decorating provider.


We have some of the most skilled and knowledgeable coaters in the industry. Starting in 1981, the knowledge attained over the years is clear in our service quality.


Through the savvy management of resources and the efficient design of our facilities, we are able to offer the best balance of quality and value for money.

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We endeavour to provide our customers with a same day service, with the exception of very large jobs which we still manage to complete in record time.

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The best service received for my motorcycle coating requirements.
Where other coaters have provided a substandard coating to frames and rims, Castellocote has consistently met my high expectations for the coating of my KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles.

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